Job interview tips

Job interviews can be very stressful and with the current state of the economy there is a great deal of competition. With this in mind it is important that you take some steps to set yourself apart from the competition and give yourself the advantage.

Below is a list of some recommendations we have to help you in your job interviews and to hopefully help you be successful

1 - Plan - This is huge and is very important if you want to be successful in a job interview as employers like to know that you are interested in their company. Find out everything you can, when the company started, where their home office is, have they ever won any awards, how many staff they employ, who the CEO is etc! All of this is great information and shows you are interested in the company.

2 - Prepare - Make sure you prepare for the interview. Think about what they may ask you, practice with a friend doing mock interviews, look online to find out all the information you can and tips on interviews.

3 - Perform - On the day of the interview make sure you perform, stay calm, take your time to answer questions - DO NOT RUSH! Make sure you speak clearly and speak up. You must be confident and believe you are the best applicant for the job, if you aren't convinced of this then they will not be!

4 - Persist - One very important thing you must do is be persistent. Too many people go to numerous interviews for different jobs and don't follow up. When you follow up make sure you thank them for the interview and make it clear how excited you would be to work for the company, this can really help.



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